Carbon Fiber Pet Bowl

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Stylish bowl for your favorite pet handmade from 100% real carbon fiber.

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This elegantly designed, exquisitely distinctive and beautifully made food/water dish for your pet is crafted of real carbon fiber and cured in an autoclave using CNC machined steel molds under high heat and pressure.  The bowl uses the same advanced technology as exotic cars, aerospace, Formula 1, racing sailboats and other ultra-high performance components.  Can also be used as a fruit bowl, nut dish, etc.  Sure to impress your pet as well as your friends!

This bowl is handmade and because of the way it's produced, you'll find a variety of imperfections and seams between separate parts of carbon fiber. Keep in mind that to make this look perfect on the outside, it would be much more expensive, so it's a trade off for price.

Product Specs

Item # 10029
Dimensions 9.4" in. x 9.4" in. x 3.8" in.
Item Weight
Grams Ounces Pounds Kg
358 12.63 0.79 0.36
Materials Used Genuine Carbon Fiber
Product Origin Imported

Why is Carbon Fiber Special?

  • Very strong in certain applications
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Modern, high-tech look
  • The next generation luxury material
  • Used in really cool applications like exotic cars (Ferrari, Lamborghini), NASA/Aerospace, high-end sporting equipment, yachts and more.