SpeedStays Carbon Fiber Collar Stays Set

item #: 10111
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  • Made completely out of real carbon fiber
  • Set comes with a pair of 2.5” long and 2.75” long collar stays
  • Airport checkpoint friendly
  • Comes in a custom box with flip-top for easy carrying
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Full Product Description

If you demand the best in suits, shirts, ties, watches and cuff links why stop there, you need carbon fiber collar stays  These unique collar stays are made completely out of carbon fiber, which means they not only look amazing, but they are also strong and lightweight.  Since there is no metal like higher-end stainless steel and/or titanium collar stays, these will not set off metal detectors, making it your best choice if you do a lot of traveling or you work in a court. Collar stays get inserted into the point of dress shirts collar from the underside to ensure a crisp unwrinkled look.  They have been tested through washers, dryers, dry cleaners, irons, humidity and come out a winner.

This set comes with two pairs of carbon fiber collar stays that are 2.5 inches long and 2.75 inches long to fit almost every shirt out there.  They come in a custom box to make it easy to access and organize.

Carbon fiber collar stays are patent pending by SpeedStays.


Product Specs

Item # 10111
Dimensions Pair of 2.5" in. and pair of 2.75" in.
Item Weight
Grams Ounces Pounds Kg
6 0.21 0.01 0.01
Materials Used Genuine Carbon Fiber
Product Origin United States

Why is Carbon Fiber Special?

  • Very strong in certain applications
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Modern, high-tech look
  • The next generation luxury material
  • Used in really cool applications like exotic cars (Ferrari, Lamborghini), NASA/Aerospace, high-end sporting equipment, yachts and more.